Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Beach Therapy

My mission today was to play in the sand with my son and breathe in some salty ocean air.  It was much needed.

I feel like I'm at a crossroads with many things in my life and I really needed to get out of my head space.  There is something really therapeutic about sitting on the sand, feeling the heat of the sun on my skin, and looking out at the horizon where the sea touches the sky.  In that moment I feel and know that there is something bigger out there than myself.

And that's when I released all my stress and worries into the wind, up into the universe, a prayer to God or Mother Nature or to whoever and whatever is listening.  I chose to direct my focus to the moment.  I joined in laughter as I watched my son giggle and screech as the water tickled his feet with its ebb and flow.  We stood there hand in hand facing the ocean.

I felt lighter and re-energized.  

Sending ALOHA your way ~
xo, Yolanda

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